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Having Expert Business Consultants Working For You Is Now Easy And Affordable

The vast majority of businesses, over 95 percent, fail within five years of opening their doors.  These include established business  Although many fail because of improper, or the lack of, business planning, most failures are from business owners not employing predictive business .  This points to the underlying condition where business owners don't know what they don't know.  Many are blinded by their short-term success while others never get their business off the ground.  A business consultant will shine a light on those dark places of your business where vision is limited, and will provide direction so that your business won't suffer from the negative impacts of not knowing what you don't know.  The Consilium Group gives you the confidence of knowing whatever comes your way in business, we are there when you need us, not just in the short term but for the long haul.


Schedule a Free 1-hour consultation with us and find out the benefits we have to offer you.


After your Kick-off meeting, let us do all of the heavy lifting of performing all of the vital tasks to get your business established. 


You tell us what you want us to do, from performing your market research to getting your business financed.


We will take the headaches and anxiety out of starting your bisiness by developing your products and documents and managing the entire endeavor.

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Services Provided

Market Research

This is one of the most important tasks for a business to perform; however, it is also one of the tasks least performed by businesses.  Completing this task is key to your businesses success.  It tells you how to best sell your goods or services and who will buy your goods and services most.  It also tells you the best price-point for your products of services.  Most importantly, it tells you who's also competing your your clients or customers and how they are position in the market to compete against you.  Knowing this information will save you significant time and money by providing you important information before you begin to sink resources into your business.

Business Formation

Most people think that business formation is just completing a few documents and recording the activities and results of a few meetings.  However, business formation is much more.  During business formation, the basics of your business strategy are developed, analyzed, and revised repeatedly until you result in having a tightly defined purpose and vision, as well as a set of goals and objectives.  You will also have developed your business structure, as well as the terms and conditions of the operation of your business structure.

Registered Agent Services

Most small business owners name themselves as the Registered Agent.  And this is normally no problem until something goes wrong legally.  A Registered Agent is a responsible third-party who is registered in the same state in which a business entity was established and who is designated to receive service of process notices, correspondence from the Secretary of State, and other official government notifications, usually tax forms and notice of lawsuits, on behalf of the LLC or corporation.  So imagine you are with a prospective client, or are in teh middle of a very big deal, and just as you about to close it or the prospective clients are about to sign with you there's a knock on you door.  You answer it and you hear the dreaded words "You've been served."  What do you think will happen to your deal?  Well, the probability of closing the deal will significantly plummet and your  prospective client will more than likely leave without signing with your business,  This is why you and your business need a Registered Agent.  We offer Registered Agent services at a very reasonable fee.

Business Registration

Many business owners are operating their businesses without registering them with the state government.  This puts them at risk of fees and financial penalties and other actions that have a negative impact upon the operation of their business.  We register your business with any of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.  We complete all forms for you and ensure you receive all documents from the state that prove the valdity and legitimacy of your business' ability to legally operate in each state that your business is registered in.

Business Licenses & Permits

Many businesses are operating and making a profit, yet they do not have the appropriate and required business licenses and permits.  This places the business and the owners at risk of hefty fines and fees as well as potential losses of contracts.  We throughly research the business licenses and permits necessary for your business to operate legally and then we registers your business for each one that is required or desired.

Market Analysis

This is another of the more important tasks for a business to perform since businesses have to understand all aspects of the market in which they operate.  In effect, market analysis provides in-depth information conerning the market, to include their potential clients, their competitors, and the businesses that are complimentary to their companies.  This information should not just be historical, but in order for it to have any meaningful purpose, market analysis must also be predictive as well.  The Consilium Group's capability includes providing market analysis that is both historical and predictive to provide our clients with the most effective actions to take now in order to maximize future opportunities and future profits.

Business Strategy Development

Business Strategy is the process of specifying your company's mission, its vision and objectives, your developing policies and plans, in terms of the goods and services that you offer and the specific projects and programs of your business.  These work in concert and are designed to achieve your business' goals and objectives by allocating the necessary and appropriate resources to implement these policies and plans, projects and programs.  In effect, a Business Strategy is what your business is going to do, as well as who, how, when, where, adn why it is going to do it, in order to best obtain your desired result.  Unfortunately, many businesses, and most small businesses, have not developed a business strategy or they have developed an ineffectual business strategy that is only good for the short term; but, will not be beneficial to the business in the logn term.  We develop business strategies that not only benefit your company and can get you to your desired goal, but provides predictive views of your company well into the future so that you can best prepare to take advantage of the opportunites these conditions present.

Business Model Development

Business Models are designs for the successful operation of your company by identifying your revenue sources, your customer base, the products and services you offer, and all details of financing related to your business.  Although these are inherent in any business, most business owners don't take the time to understanding them, how to impact them, nor how the impact upon one part of your business model affects the other parts of your business model.  We provide you with easy to understand visualizations of your business model including the interrelationships of the parts of your business model.  This will make it easy to understand the impacts of the economic forces upon your business.

Business Process Development

There are many processes in a business and many times, these processes cost you more money than they need to.  That is because many businesses do not examine their processes for inefficiencies and waste when they design them and when they execute them.  These become hidden cash flow or revenue leaks that eventually cost you and your business hundreds, thousands or even million of dollars.  In effect, your business slowly and quietly bleeds internally and can come to a point where it bleeds to death.  We design your business processes with built-in efficiencies that you can track and monitor to ensure your income and revenue remains in your business for use by your company.

Business Plan Development

Your business plan is your formal statement of your business goals, the reasons these goals are attainable, and your strategies for reaching them. It usually contains background information about your business and your team who is attempting to reach these goals.  Business Plans are used to   Most business plans are not predictive in that they are limited in vision and reactive in nature.  They may provide financial forcasts; however, they are not flexible in that they do not show the impacts upon these forecast based upon different financial and economic conditions.  We provide quantitative, predictive, business plans that show just how future economic condition will impact your business' operational and financial conditions so that you can mitigate the associated negative impacts, and position your company to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by these negative conditions.

Preparation for Funding

Most business owners think that to obtain funding, all they have to do is develop a business plan with their great idea, present it to the bank or investor, and BAM they are funded!  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Banks and other funding sources have many criteria that they use to determine if the risk of funding you is worth the potential reward your business will bring them.  And when your business plan is not aligned with these criteria, your opportunity for funding becomes slim at best.  We understand this process though we can not and will not guarantee funding from any source, we coordinate all elements necessary to significantly increase your probability of getting funded.

Coodination of Business Services

Time is money.  The longer it takes to get something done, the more money it will cost you.  Secondly, knowledge is a money saver.  When you have the knowledge of processes and procedures, you can derive and develop efficiencies in these processes and procedures that will save time and save you money.  And when you have projects and tasks from many different service vendors at the same time, this knowledge becomes critical to maximizing your profits.  We provide that knowledge and the management needed to increase efficiencies that save times; thereby decreasing costs and saving time.

Legal Services

Our legal team provides legal services that all businesses need so that they are legally protected.  These include: 1) Legal consultations for routine matters related to your business planning and operation plus up to two hours of legal research per legal matter; 2) Up to five phone consultations per year of up to one hour for legal matters related to securities, commodities, tax, antitrust, patents, copyrights, trademarks, patents, intellectual property, import/export matters, customs matters, and issues arising outside of your states that are within the U.S.; 3) Contract and document review for up to fifty contracts per year (up to eight in any given month) for up to fifteen pages each and two  out-of-state documents per year; 3) Assistance with up to twenty separate original collection letters per month; 4) A total of fifty correspondence on your behalf per year (calls or letters) with two follow-ups per subject matter (up to eight in any month); 5) Estate planning including wills; Family trusts; Privacy trusts; Real estate privacy trusts; Revocable living trusts; Charitable remainder trusts; Irrevocable life insurance trusts; and retirement and succession planning.

CPA Services

Our CPA team provides certified accounting services that all businesses need so that they can legally minimize their tax obligations while maximizing their profits.  These include: 1) Tax return analysis for the last two years of returns; 2) Tax planning and review with a CPA; 3) Contract and document review for up to fifty contracts per year (up to eight in any given month) for up to fifteen pages each and two  out-of-state documents per year; 3) Clarification of tax deadlines, deductions, inventory, and other common tax related questions; 4) Tax preparation (up to eight in any month); and 5) Tax resolution services to assist you with resolving tax debt.  Our team is from our network of accounting firms and tax law firm that are among the best in the Washington, DC area.

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is usually one of the biggest headaches business owners deal with in their companies.  This headache is normally magnified as you continually focus on making the best business decisions for your business, especially when your decisions conflict with your bookkeeping and accounting goals.  If you are like most business owners, you got into business to perform the mission and purpose of your business, not be become a bookkeeper or an accountant.  Thant's where out network of high quality, experienced bookkeepers can help you.  Let us assist you and your business with your bookkeeping needs.

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